“Our blenders work tirelessly with select ingredients to fashion premium quality spirits”

A collection of meticulously crafted spirits of outstanding quality and distinctive character by our
master craftsmen. Effortless and elegant, every spirit in our collection is a little masterpiece that brings
joy from the first sip.

Indian Made Foreign Liquor

Each craft is a work of perfection and celebrates our desire to create exceptional spirits. Our collection boasts a rich and intense range of premium quality whiskys, gins, vodkas, rum and brandy. Each carefully crafted spirit has a salient story to tell, each sip takes you on an ambrosial journey.

Our Brands

Steeped in tradition with generations of understanding and bound by values of superior quality, our home-distilled blends are renowned for their quality and consistency.

Discover our indigenous spirits & exquisite malts.

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The Beginning

From the foothills of the majestic Sahyadri mountains, to the lush fields of picturesque coastal town Dahanu, Meher Distilleries has been producing the finest liquor since the 1930s, making it the oldest working distillery in Maharashtra.

With each passing year, our distillery evolved and adopted the latest technologies in the production of our bottled spirits, all the while staying true to our original values of superior quality and having an utmost passion towards crafting world-class spirits.

Today, we are the leading producers of Indian Made Foreign Liquor catering exclusively to the overseas market; and supplying Country Liquor for the Indian consumer.